Open source software has been one of the greatest sources of innovation. Open source developers have built excellent software solutions for business, education and personal use.

Free and open source programs give companies, schools, governments and users more choices, ensuring they are getting the best possible technology for their needs. Unfortunately, the last decade has seen an enormous rise in software patent suits. Open source developers aren’t any more immune to this threat than other software vendors. However, the culture and innovation modality of open source software, based on engagement and sharing, has made it natural to build a collective, defensive solution to protect and enable it.

Our Mission

We enable freedom of action for Open Invention Network community members and users of Linux/OSS-based technology through our patent non-aggression cross-license in the “Linux System,” which defines the commitment.

We will continue to grow our community and the “Linux System” over time, thereby strengthening OIN’s patent non-aggression coverage through the power of the network effect.

Our Vision

We will execute our mission by growing our patent non-aggression community and engaging with companies of all types — from start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises — across diverse industries.

We will continue updating the Linux System through a conservative, consensus-driven process to keep up with technological advances.

We will actively monitor for patent-related threats to Linux and adjacent open source technologies and encourage open source community intellectual property-related initiatives.

We will continue to promote and educate our community on complementary defensive intellectual property strategies and support key open source projects.