We enable freedom of action for our worldwide community through a multilateral cross-license of patents in the Linux System, which ensures patent non-aggression in core Open Source Software technologies.

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  • Membership publicly demonstrates open source & patent non-aggression advocacy

  • Lifetime membership is FREE without entry barriers

  • Patent cross-license covering 3,700+ Linux and core open source technology packages

  • Patent peace in a community which owns 2.7 million patents & applications in total

  • Lifetime royalty free license under OIN’s owned patent portfolio of approximately 74 global patents & applications, with no field of use restriction

  • Membership is available to ALL open source advocates — businesses & individuals

  • Members become part of a global, open source network of 3,700+ members from start-ups to Fortune 100 firms

  • Everyone signs the same agreement terms

  • Holding patents in the Linux System is not required

  • You get the opportunity to network with our rapidly-growing community members

  • OIN leverages our industry relationships to collect & share prior art as needed

  • OIN challenges patent applications as appropriate

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  • Everyone signs the same agreement

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