We enable freedom of action for our worldwide community through a multilateral cross-license of patents in the Linux System, which ensures patent non-aggression in core Open Source Software technologies.

Member Benefits

  • Provide members a patent cross-license to over 3,700 core Linux and Open Source Software (OSS) packages in our Linux System definition which also protects these packages against PAEs & other patent attacks.

  • Leverage our relationships to collect and share prior art to help OIN community members defend themselves. We’ve assisted members with over 65 cases.

  • Unified Patents Open Source Zone challenged 50 Patents with excellent success. OIN, IBM, Microsoft & the Linux Foundation funded the zone 3 years ago & have since been joined by Meta & Mercedes-Benz.

  • Deliver royalty-free access to Linux System patents in a community that owns more than 2.8 million patents and applications in total.

  • Support key Open Source projects including Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Hyperledger, Open Container Initiative (OCI), LF Networking Fund (Open Daylight, ONAP, OPNFV & others), LF Energy & Open Charge Alliance.

  • By enabling OSS, we advance the collective intelligence of a global community, promoting greater diversity of thought, perspective and talent.

  • Protect against & mitigate patent litigation risks for our members, as well as protect Open Source through patent collaboration.

  • Provide access to an exclusive OIN Community Member insignia & feature new members on our website under Recent Members.

  • Provide INSIDER — a bi-monthly eNewsletter that not only keep you informed about OIN & Open Source news around the world, but also features OIN member news.

  • OIN’s online sphere of influence reaches over 4,000 individuals & companies.

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Membership is FREE and the process is simple. We welcome all individuals & companies who advocate for Open Source and are focused on reducing risk from the threats of patent aggressors.

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