Electrolux AB was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, with the introduction of its kerosene outdoor lamp which was used in lighthouses all over the world. In 1910, it began manufacturing the Salus — a copy of the Santo vacuum cleaner — for the Swedish market. In 1912, it produced its 1st vacuum cleaner — the Lux 1 — and began direct sales. When the Lux Model II hit the market the following year, the company expanded sales into Germany, France & the United Kingdom but struggled to keep up with demand. In-home demonstrations of the 3rd model began in 1919. Throughout the next decade, Electrolux introduced its 1st stove and refrigerator, extending sales into many new world markets. Innovations — along with Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) — continued, growing the company’s product line with air filters, food processors, washing machines, outboard motors, floor polishers, chest freezers, cookers, saunas, self-cleaning ovens, microwaves, calculators, office furniture, chainsaws, seat belts, air conditioners, weed eaters, cooktops & more. The company is attributed with pioneering many 1st-of-its-kind products. A leading global appliance enterprise, Electrolux owns AEG & Frigidaire brands; sells approximately  60 million household products worldwide in over 120 markets each year & is consistently ranked the worlds 2nd largest appliance manufacturer by units sold, after Whirlpool.

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