February 7, 2023 —  eMarketer’s INSIDER Intelligence reports that after PNC was ordered to pay $218 million for infringing USAA’s mobile check deposit patents in May 2022, it asked the U.S. Patent Office’s (USPO) Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) to review those patents’ validity. Following the review, PNC took down 3 of USAA’s patents regarding mobile check deposits, according to American Banker. Instead of pursuing very long and very expensive patent wars, some banks are pushing back on this approach to patent defense. They are discovering the strength and power of OIN’s patent non-aggression community. Financial institutions including Truist, Block, and TD Bank — among other top banks & financial institutions — have joined OIN, a free consortium that protects Open Source, mitigates risks of litigation for its members, and in which members cross-license patents and agree to not sue each other on these patents.

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