FinServ State of Play: Perks of Open Source Collaboration

May 1, 2024 — During the State of OpenCon24 conference in London, FinTech Magazine interviewed Keith Bergelt, OIN’s CEO, about the rise of

NaaS Technology & its Parent Company — NewLink — Join OIN

April 25, 2024 — Electric Vehicle  (EV) sales continue rapid growth. According to S&P Global Mobility, EV sales in the United States in 2023, exceeded

Open Source Provides Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

April 25, 2024 — As the leading new energy asset operator in China, NaaS and NewLink are committed to patent non-aggression in core Linux &

The Electric Vehicle Charging Industry Embraces Open Source

April 24, 2024 — The Electrical Vehicle (EV) market is growing throughout the world. To sustain its growth, developing advanced charging networks is

NaaS Technology and its Parent Company, NewLink, Join the Open Invention Network Community

Durham, NC (April 24, 2024) – Open Invention Network (OIN), the organization formed to safeguard open source and now the largest patent non-aggression

OIN, Microsoft & The Linux Foundation Mark 5 Years of Successfully Challenging Patent Assertion Entities

April 11, 2024 — Five years ago, OIN, Microsoft & The Linux Foundation  created the Open Source Zone with Unified Patents to leverage prior

Open Source Zone Initiative Revokes 54 Anti-Open Software Patents

April 11, 2024 — OIN & Unified Patents announce their joint initiative — the Open Source Zone (OS Zone) — was created in 2019 following

OIN, Microsoft & The Linux Foundation Fund the Unified Patents Open Source Zone for the 5th Consecutive Year

April 10, 2024 — The Open Source (OS) Zone was established in 2019 to protect Open Source Software (OSS) from Patent Assertion Entities

OIN, Microsoft & The Linux Foundation Continue Open Source Partnership Against Patent Assertion Entities

April 10, 2024 — As part of its mission to minimize patent threats for its community members,  OIN collaborated with The Linux Foundation & Microsoft

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