Founded in February 2013 and committed to building united stacks around the world, United Stack Corporation shares Open Invention Network’s charge to promote patent non-aggression in cloud computing and believes its community membership brings great value to both its company and industry.

When the company launched a new generation of OpenStack platform UOS 3.0 in March 2016, it not only made headlines and spiked interest, but proposed the “open source + professional services” approach, redefining conceptions of delivery and the Operation and Maintenance (OM) model of open source cloud solutions.

UnitedStack, Inc.— an engineering-driven, hybrid, open source cloud provider based in China —
delivers production-ready OpenStack products and solutions to various industries, including Internet, energy, finance and manufacturing. Its core product — UnitedStack Operating System (UOS) —integrates core technologies and capacities such as elastic computing, distributed block storage and Software-Defined Networking) (SDN) with unique features, including second-level deployment and online migration. It offers a new generation of cloud infrastructure with more security, reliability and high performance.