Intel — the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue and a household name since Personal Computers (PCs) hit the market — has announced its acquisition of Linutronix. An OIN member for a decade, Linutronix is the leading technology provider for industrial Linux. the architect of PREEMPT_RT (Real-Time), maintains the x86 architecture, developed essential parts of the flash driver infrastructure, and consistently furthers the development of Linux. Intel says, “Being open is the foundation upon which we can enable choice for our partners and foster trust. Linutronix shares this belief and Intel’s deep commitment to advancing the Linux Open Source ecosystem.” The acquisition reinforces Intel’s commitment to foster an open ecosystem that ensures trust, choice, and interoperability for the industry. Established in 1996, Linutronix will operate as an independent business unit within Intel’s Software and Advanced Technology Group (SATG). Linutronix — based in Germany — will continue to be led by Linutronix’s founder and CTO, Thomas Gleixner, as well as the company’s CEO, Heinz Egger.