January 18, 2022 — Funded by Google, IBM / Red Hat, NEC, Philips, Sony and Toyota, Open Invention Network was created to safeguard Linux from organizations looking to hinder Open Source growth and adoption through patent activities. Top headlines today in The Patent Lawyer Magazine include OIN’s news that it has expanded its cross-license to include 337 new Open Source Software (OSS) and core Linux technology components covered against litigation for more than 3,600 community members. This brings the total number of protected patent packages to 3,730. The glue of the OIN community is a powerful cross-license that shields strategic, foundation-level software components from being leveraged against fellow participants. As the code base and capabilities of Linux and other OSS projects have expanded, so has the number of key software components that need to be protected. To keep pace with innovation, OIN revises and expands its Linux System coverage every 18-24 months.

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